Translating Cuba: 288+ Translators, 426 Cuban Writers

Cuentapropista (self-employment) Cuban-style 2008. Taken in a doorway in Havana. (MJ Porter)

8 January 2019: As of today, our records show that 288 translators (who have chosen to identify themselves; many have not) have translated 426 Cubans (a number which includes mostly individual names but also organizations/groups).

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who has made and continues to make this project possible.

On 8 January 2008, one of the project founders, on her first and only trip to Cuba, was at the Havana Malecon for a rather desultory celebration of the 49th anniversary of the bearded ones’ entry to Havana: some fireworks and a rather small crowd dutifully shouting Viva! call-and-response style.

If anyone had suggested that 11 years later…