They Arrested Him So That He Would Not Attend the Pope’s Mass / Luis Felipe Rojas

Administrator’s Note:

Luis Felipe Rojas, author of this blog, was detained by the political police of San German and taken to a police barracks. His wife remained at home under the kind of arrest which, in Cuba, is known as “house arrest”. His compatriot, Eliecer Palma Pupo, was also detained and it is possible that they are now in neighboring jail cells in the same Unit.

The telephones of Rojas’ family have been totally left without service since yesterday, although the SMS and Twitpic message services had already been cut weeks before.

This family has been devoutly Catholic for 15 years now, and they have received the sacraments which the faith mentions. They attend mass with Malcom and Brenda, their small children, every Sunday.

Translated by Raul G.

24 March 2012