The Solidarity that Unites Us / Miriam Celaya

Lately, the Cuban dictatorship has stepped up the persecution and harassment of internal dissidents and of activists of peaceful projects who lay claim to rights that belong to all of us.

Arrests, searches and mobs that are egged on against those Cubans devoted to civil resistance have become daily events throughout the Island. As an additional way to harass and extinguish the claims, members of the police force have been confiscating digital media belonging to the activists (computers, memory drives, cell phones, printers, etc.) in a desperate attempt to stop the dissemination of the Human Right Covenants and the collection of signatures for Citizen Demand for Another Cuba.

At this dangerous time, the voices raised in our support are the solidarity that demonstrates the good will of many Cubans in and out of Cuba, in an effort to build a better Cuba for everyone. I want to personally give thanks for the feeling of unity that comes from afar through Cubans whom we feel very close to, the promoters of the Appeal for a Better and Possible Cuba, a document which I have also signed. I append a copy of its context below which was sent to me and which encourages me to continue in this struggle.

In the Defense of the Promoters of Citizen Demands

In keeping with the feelings of a large number of signatories of the Appeal for a Better and Possible Cuba — many of whom had previously signed the other Citizen Demand for Another Cuba, calling for ratification of international human rights covenants — denounce the brutal aggression against the rights that allow Cuban citizens to express their views and make political demands. Since last Thursday, August 16th, the Cuban government has launched its repressive force against the promoters of the Citizen Demand, attacking DiosbelSuárez, Idalberto Acuña and Santiago Cardoso with pepper spray and beatings in the Havana county of Marianao. The three were handing out copies of the document, and were later arrested. Other violent and repressive acts are currently being reported.

We call on all decent people of Cuban or of any other nationality to mobilize immediately in order to denounce, in every possible forum, these repressive actions, and to also protect these brave peace activists.

Marlene Azor
Juan Antonio Blanco
Manuel Castro
Armando Chaguaceda
Haroldo Dilla
Ariel Hidalgo
Oscar Peña

Promoters of The Appeal for a Better and Possible Cuba.

Translated by Norma Whiting

August 24 2012