The New Cuban Novel / Rafael Leon Rodriguez #Cuba

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In Cuba, as in the rest of the Americas, interest in the novels is proverbial. First simply as reading; then in listening t on the radio and late seeing on television. From these latter, the contemporary population borrowed some names to highlight certain developments. For example, private establishments that sell food are called “Paladares” (palates), a term from a Brazilian telenovela.

But it is not just ordinary citizens who have resorted to this practice. In general elections for the National Assembly, government authorities promote the candidacy for the highest single parliamentary investiture with the title novelistic “Todos Valen” (all are worthy), taken from another Brazilian soap opera.

This year, on February 4, there will be voting for the National Assembly. Candidates, 612, shall be elected under this novel-based consideration: Todos Valen. Half of them have been designated by a nomination committee that is not the least bit candid. The vast majority belong to the Cuban Communist Party or the Young Communist League. All will be parliamentarians grateful to their political benefactors. All of them should prepare to raise their arms repeatedly skyward in the most unanimous votes of the hemisphere. All will be new players in the novel of the Cuban legislature, which has repeated itself in every meeting of the parliament since its creation 36 years ago. Those who agree. Those who oppose. Those who abstain. Adopted unanimously.

Rafael Leon Rodriguez

January 8 2013