The Cuban Government Mocks its Citizens / Anddy Sierra Alvarez

The Cuban government reaffirms to its citizens that transformations are directed towards psychological oppression, and at the same time it mocks Cubans as a way of demonstrating absolute power.

The law approved in January 2014 by the Cuban president — the sale of automobiles — reveals the great achievements that will be realized in 2014 by the present governing system.

With the development of approved prices for the acquisition of an automobile ranging up to a quarter of a million (250 thousand dollars) the news caused many capital residents laughter and disappointment for those who were planning to buy a car in better and more current condition.

One of those affected, Reinier Corrales, 45 years old, resident of Arroyo Naranja, considers that he sold his Toyota at 18 thousand convertible pesos (CUC) in order to improve by another more modern one.

“And now what do I do,” anguished Corrales asks, “I planned to trade up and not even my house is worth what the government wants for a 2013 car,” he says.

Reinier and many others have been affected by this decadent and brutal situation of supersonic price manipulation that the government has established through 55 years of totalitarian power.

If some fortunate one were to decide, the gain would be for them three times greater than the wholesale cost, and I am sure that it would not exceed 50 thousand dollars.

Currently it is the main topic on the streets.  Cubans have stopped worrying about food and have focused on whispering and debating opinions on the topic in question.

Maybe State Security has not noticed Cubans distracted a little from their daily economic distress by what many repeat, “What will I buy myself. . .?”

Translated by mlk.

17 January 2014