The Chavista Hysteria / Fernando Damaso

Fernando Damaso, 6 January 2015 — The Chavista hysteria is embarrassing: in addition to being unintelligent it is ridiculous. Those who proclaimed the need to accept and respect the results of the elections, convinced they were going to win, after having lost talk not about the National Assembly, but of the rightists in it. Before, when they were the majority, they could have talked about the leftists in it.

That National Assembly, which until 5 January 2016 was used by the president to do whatever he pleases, and was in reality a simple echo chamber for executive power for the application of its policies, was considered an important body of the system.

Now it turns out, when it is no longer what it was and has been converted into a true democratic legislative body, it no longer serves and is attacked and they are even trying to supplant it with some absurd and anti-constitutional “Assemblies of the Street,” similar to the demented “government of the street” that overthrew Obrador in Mexico some time ago.

The so-called “repentant people” of Venezuela (presumably the Chavistas held a referendum to come to this conclusion) and the also so-called “enraged people” of Cuba, seem like children of the same father.

To accept defeat (with a difference of two million votes) and try to survive in a democracy, for those who prefer the “command and control” of totalitarianism, seems like a an assignment too difficult to pass.

The declarations of the principal personages of Chavismo, starting with the disjointed and mediocre speeches of their indigestible president, seem straight out of the script of some bad play from comic theater.

I don’t think Venezuelans have been wrong to give their votes now to the opposition, but they were wrong before to give them to the Chavistas. In reality, the corrected their previous mistake. In short, a correction of the wise.