The Case of Angel Santiesteban: Legally Dismantling the Farce

The Cuban Legal Association, through several of its specialists, legally dismantle in this video the farce mounted against the writer Angel Santiesteban-Prats, who is currently serving a prison sentence in a high-security Cuban jail.

Here are analyzed, from the perspective of the law, the numerous legal and procedural and police violations perpetrated by the Cuban dictatorship to silence the powerful critical voice of the literary laureate, who since he is already known internationally, was sentenced to five years of imprisonment, in a trial rigged by the Cuban political police, condemning him with impunity and shamefully for a crime he did not commit.

It’s one more proof of the impudence, arrogance and lack of humanity of the Castro dictatorship when it comes to suppressing those who dare to exercise their right to express themselves freely, the only “sin” committed by Angel Santiesteban.

 (Video is in Spanish)

Note: On the date when this video was edited in Cuba, Angel was on a hunger strike but now no longer is.

Translated by Hombre de Paz

7 May 2013