The Beggars are Foreigners / Cuban Network of Community Spokespeople, Elizardo Rodriguez Suarez

Beggars in Havana’s streets

Artemisa, Cuba, September 26, 2013, Elizardo Rodriguez Suarez / Cuban Network of Community Spokespeople / Reports on Cuban television news show beggars from other countries, mainly from the United States of America, the so-called “homeless,” and broadcast to the Cuban people their needs and the fact that the American government doesn’t help them, despite the fact that there are shelters in that country, which are refuges for homeless people.

They do not, however, show a single example of national beggars. In the journalistic investigative show, “Cuba says,” which airs twice a week after the Television News, they could devote a show to the dumpster divers where people ask God to find something they can sell so they can feed their children.

An example of this is the Güira de Melena municipal landfill in Artemisa Province, where some people look through all that smelly garbage, their everyday livelihood, moving the rubble to find useful items and aluminum cans, jars, and other things that the Recyclable Materials Company buys

The Cuban beggars, in short, are not televised.

From Cubanet, 26 September 2013