Thanksgiving Day / Rebeca Monzo

Any day is good to give thanks to God or to life, as each person wishes. The important thing is to be thankful for the gifts received. Among them, mainly family and friends; all who have encouraged us during our existence.

The mere fact that you can see the sun every day, is enough to give thanks. Being healthy is most precious and, if we add to it, the joy of having a beautiful family and close friends, I think it’s more than enough to constantly be grateful.

It is true that this beautiful tradition was never adopted on our planet, because before the night obscured everything, we already had many beautiful traditions, but I’m sure that if time had not paralyzed us, today we would have a Thanksgiving Day, because even though it has nothing to do with our history, neither did baseball and we adopted the sport and made it ours.

Therefore, from here, I send warm greetings to everyone who reads me, and I wish for you with all my heart a very Happy Thanksgiving.

November 25, 2010