Technologies for Cubans / Rosa Maria Rodriguez Torrado


As of a few days ago, January 20, Telesur started to broadcast in Cuba and I already feel saturated with the propaganda from the Latin American left; a TV broadcaster with more money, transparency and information than Cuban TV, is distinguished for being a media catapult for the friendly presidents of Cuba and Venezuela, blood brothers of the same ideology.

When it’s not Nicolas Madura pouting about Chavez, it’s Evo Morales with his spasmodic slang, or Rafael Correa with his hoarse electioneering outbursts and diatribes, among other proposals, calling for disobedience if he is not elected, and the corrosive bitterness of the motto “Forgetting forbidden.”

The political and ideological osteoarthritis continues holding hostage, with ridiculous excuses, freedom of information through internet. Nor have the bragged about Raul reforms — synonyms for correction or amendments constantly adjusted — taken as a given that Cuban citizens will have better news options, other than the propaganda they direct and control or in which they have juicy investments, like Telesur, where they can get their “hands dirty” to mold and readjust it at their convenience.

Still, we cannot ignore corrective points which, since 2006, have been falling on the deaf ears of official socialism. But they assume full access to the new information and communication technologies (NTIC), something the Cuban dictatorship has shown a lack of political will, so far, to allow.

Why so many prohibitions in Cuba? Why we have historically impeded access to NTICs? What do they fear?

I think it’s behavior based on the nature of the Cuban totalitarian model to prevent us from sailing in the “poisoned waters” the sovereign globalized cyberspace of communications, culture, and commerce created by “the imperialist enemy.” Many in my country treasure silently–”between the pillow and dreams”–their thirst for information freedom, but they know this is a sensitive topic for the authorities, who have spent decades violating this and other rights.

Therefore, those whom we interact with daily, let us see their skepticism about a solution to this problem. It is sad to see so many of my fellow citizens hide their frustration as a defense mechanism which they adopt to survive in this savage socialism that has left us no other option than conformity or emigration to have a little bit of well-being and happiness.

They repeat the propaganda and negative government cliches on the internet, because they think no matter what it is unattainable. As the fox who knew he couldn’t reach the grapes said, “They’re all green!”

February 5 2013