Progress of Review

Written by: Yadaimí Domínguez

Earlier this week, Coronel Lazaro Martin Diaz, who visited us at our home, told us that the Petition for Review filed by the family of Jamil Dominguez, with the Ministry of Justice, on 27 April had been sent up to the People’s Supreme Court on Friday July 2. He showed us the letter by the Head of National Review’s Criminal Affairs Ministry, which would reach the hands of Jamil during the week.

With this process, we must wait for the Supreme Court to notify us, thereby to appoint lawyers to defend the case. Although the information is encouraging, we despair with regards to the sentencing process, given the situation in which my brother finds himself since April 14.

It turns out to be that once received in writing by the Ministry of Justice, the competent court, it must arrange, within three  days, the emplacement with delivery of copies to those people who have been parties to the case or to their successors, so that within a term of ten days, they are notified in writing to appear as is their right. The court deeming it necessary, will proceed to consider the evidence offered by the parties and in possession of the office, and require the pre-trial hearing, signaling the right to appoint counsel to represent him establishing that consideration of the formalities is complete it will give it through the roll and the actions to the District attorney, and later to the defender, and if there is no designated attorney it will appoint one, giving him three days to prepare for the hearing. Finally, the hearing will be occur within 30 days following the expiration of the previous term.

The haste with which this case should be conducted, given the circumstances, and prolonged time in which Yamil stays, it is inevitable. In situations like this is essential to violate the terms of the law indicated, if the aim is above all not to cause irreparable prejudice to a human being, especially when he been evilly condemned by those who represent the law.