Prizes in the 2nd Convivencia (Coexistence) Contest – 2011 / Intramuros



Prize in the Photography category:

The jury decides, unanimously, to award the prize in the genre of Photography to the series titled: Desconocido (Unknown), by the Cuban author, Alberto Borrego Sánchez, of San Cristóbal, Artemisa province.

By judicious selection of settings, use of bold and contemporary content, with a social approach committed to its environment, without devaluing in the least the quality of photography as art. As a set of pieces, strung together with a mark of style, where the sepia tones and the mood of hieratic reality shown are utilized according to the messages revealed in the works.

Prize in the Essay category:

The jury decided unanimously to award the prize in this area to the work presented with the title: Until the End of the Exclusions, by the Cuban author Orlando Freire Santana, native of Cerro, Havana province.

For the social and contemporary effectiveness of its analysis, which treats different settings (the Island and its Diaspora). It is not limited to a simple dissection of the political agenda in recent years, but explores the social-ethical and individual background of our existence as a nation; it stands out for its powerfully communicative paragraphs, manifested Cubanness, citizen reference and commitment to its thesis.

Story Category:

By a majority, the jury decided not to award the prize in the Story category, in this edition of the contest.

General Poetry Prize:

In this literary genre, after a sharp and deep analysis of the outstanding works presented, the jury decided, unanimously, to award the prize to the work: Room of One Day, by the Cuban author Francis Sánchez, of Ciego de Ávila.

For the music of the universal language and encouragement reborn in its verses, in which one finds words released from the depths, like a weaving of clarities that transcend the collective suffering and nostalgia for living in a time already in the past. Significant in this collection are the social nuances of the magnetic messages.

In this same genre, we also agreed unanimously to grant an honorable mention to the notebook of poems Exact Room, from the author Mojena Miguel Angel Hernandez, Candelaria, province Artemis. It is proposed to publish some of his writings in Convivencia Magazine. For this decision, we have taken into account the organic nature of the book, the beauty of poetic images, and the intimate nature of its parts.

Meeting in Pinar del Rio, with the Convivencia Board, July 27, 2011.

THE JURY (in alphabetical order):

Henry Constantín Ferreiro
Maikel Iglesias Rodríguez
Jesuhadín Pérez Valdés

July 28 2011