Prison Diary XXXIX: State Security — Factory of Detractors and Betrayers / Angel Santiesteban

Intent to discredit UNPACU (Patriotic Union of Cuba)

The machinery of the Castro regime’s State Security creates detractors, traitors, and division among the opposition; this has historically been its most persistent work.

We learned that to confront the designs of the Castro brothers, is to enter the hall where they teach the “instruments” of psychological and physical torture, if persuasion, persecutions, interviews, threats and blackmail haven’t been enough.

For this mission, to enroll you as an “agent,” covert or concealed, appears on the path to achieving their purpose of making you desist. Some agree when they themselves are persecuted, and then give in, and they are then used against those who, like them, once decided to dissent.

These beings become human missiles capable, like androids, of complying to the letter with orders; to this must be added that most of those who lend themselves to the needs of the regime are, in addition to being cowards, usually mediocre, lacking in artistic talent, such that they will not be remembered for their work; nor for their treachery and meanness. They are negative beings, dark, murky, pieces in the gears of the dictatorship who take advantage of the immediate benefits provided to them by the totalitarian government as payment for their intrigues and support of their smear campaigns.

I know that this happened with the National Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), and particularly with the most visible of its organizers, the patriot José Daniel Ferrer. They are nothing more than smokescreens used to discredit one the most outstanding figures of the Cuban revolutionaries, pursuing, risking his life and that of his family for the freedom of Cuba, with a change in the current political process that guarantees the rights for all Cubans, backed by the UN Covenants.

The death throes of the regime are visible, the kicking of the hanged man, without logic or direction, its feet lashing out in all directions. If we have the patience to wait and get this far, how can we not stand up to their latest injustices and excesses.

Justice is what we are trying to achieve with change. Then we will analyze their abuses, impositions to placate their anger, and the course of national treasure; we will pursue their family bank accounts globally, and return to Cuban its patrimony.

That is, indeed, the immediate reality which they fear and they will not hesitate to raise their hands to order the physical disappearance of those who hinder them, as has happened so far with several of our leaders. In any event, we know that whether we are here or not, there will be others who will impose order, laws and justice.

Our conscience rests on it.

Ángel Santiesteban-Prats, Prison 1580,

26 July 2013