Political Prisoner’s Life In Danger After 3 Weeks on Hunger Strike / Juan Carlos Gonzalez Leiva

bonora LA HABANA, Cuba, 8 October 2013, Juan Carlos González Leiva/ www.cubanet.org.- The life of political prisoner is in serious danger. He has been on a hunger strike for three weeks, in Guamajal prison in Villa Clara. The news was passed on this Monday, October 7, to the Cuban Council of Human Rights Rapporteurs (CRDHC) by his sister, Maritza Abreu.

Maritza said this this Sunday morning she was able to converse with her brother by phone for a moment, during which she heard some unintelligible words because he can barely speak

The source added that she received a phone call from the head of prisons for the province of Villa Clara, who authorized the brief phone contact. He told her he would let her see Bonora to ask him to abandon his hunger strike.

Abreu Bonora, who remains in legal limbo and has been waiting 14 months for a trial, had announced to the protest to the CRDHC before beginning it, at which time he told them he would not abandon it until he was released, because, according to what he said, he had been unjustly imprisoned.

He was imprisoned on August 13 of last year, for making anti-government statements that day, on Obispo boulevard in Old Havana, the date on which Fidel Castro’s birthday is celebrated. He had been paroled a year earlier, after having engaged in a long and dramatic hunger strike in the prison, proclaiming his innocence, in relation to an accusation of the supposed crimes of Assault and Contempt.

Marcelino Abreu Bonora, 49, belongs to the Hard Line and Orlando Zapata Tamayo Boycott Front, the Patriotic Union and Municipal Democratic Circles pf Cuba. He resides in Caibarién, Villa Clara.

Juan Carlos Gonzalez Leiva

From Cubanet, 8 October 2013