Poetry Festival Without End / Miguel Iturria Savón

From December 15 to 30 the 13th Havana Festival of Poetry Without End was held, sponsored by the sociocultural project OMNI ZONA Franca, according to the program catalog given out by its managers on Saturday 10 during the press conference before the cameras at the audiovisual space Estado de Sats.

Poetry Without End is poetry at home, defined as outside the institutions, that is in squares, parks, gardens and other urban places, where poets, orators, singers, painters, photographers and audiovisual promoters interact to make poetry in a fiesta, like those of the ancient Dionysian celebrations.

It started in 1997 in Alamar, east of Havana, where OMNI ZONA FRANCA emerged in the mid-decade, and has spread to various public spaces in the Cuban capital. Similar events are also held in Germany, Spain, France and in U.S. cities like Miami, headquarters of the Cuban exile.

As OMNI ZONA FRANCA consists of poets, musicians, actors, dancers, designers, painters, photographers and producers of audiovisual performances who socialize ideas and alternative actions in city spaces, Endless poetry expresses this diversity under the slogans “If two people look at and recognize each other the world changes” and” Change us, change the world. “

The 2011 program includes these activities:

  • Spontaneous reading in the Bar de la esquina on Thursday, 15, 4 to 6 pm, the bar is located at Teniente Rey and Aguiar, Habana Vieja.
  • Dark Room: poets in action Puerta 1, the 16the at 5 pm, with Lina de Feria, Orlando L. Pardo, Grisel Echavarría, Daniel Díaz Mantilla and others.
  • The Pilgrimage of Scribble to the Rincon de San Lazaro, the 17th from the Sports City, for the Health of Poetry.
  • Spoken Word, the 20th, with Mesa debate, Show and Video poem.
  • The Cuban Joint Exhibition, the 21st at 5 pm, with Photo poems of OL Pardo, Nilo J. Damian, authors of the events Country of Pizels and A Big Sign and Another Small One.
  • The Dark Room Day, the 22nd in the Casa Templo del Arte Cubano; Rotilla-Electrospoken, the 23rd in the afternoon; the Spiritual Fair the 25th in the morning: Poets in action Puerta 2, the 28th at 5 pm, with Reyna Maria Rodriguez, Desiderio Navarro, Victor Fowler, etc.
  • OMNI Poetic Cabaret, the 28th at 8 pm; the Cultural day for racial integration and diversity, the 29th; the Day of Dark Room: Fiesta Poetics (30), and Voices in Endless Poetry, the 31st at 7 at night, with the presentation of the magazine.

The organizers of such an unusual poetic look dedicate this Fiesta “to the community of Alamar, to the light of the nation and to the Holy Family of Cuban Poetry” as well as to their relatives and friends.
December 20 2011