Party / Lilianne Ruíz

This December 31 we had a good time, partying with a group of friends. Each one, even if they hadn’t previously met, hugged everyone else, by the mere fact of being aware that we all have created individually a way to be free in this country. Our conversations are not forced by political imprisonment, perhaps that would be redundant.

So I let Dimas, Orlando, Agustin know that I have already started to write my blog. I feel confident at every party and I’m in love with all the men present, in keeping with their ages and personal styles. I don’t confess it to anyone. I love them in secret, or something like that.

Anddy still hasn’t given me his photos of this latest party, but to give you an idea of what a good time we had, I am posting one of Macho and Claudia very similar from the last one. This is how we are.

Here are our daughters to whom we want to give a country without threats. Macho and Yoani, the most perfect hosts I can remember, always thinking about how to make us feel comfortable, treating us kindly to the last minute. Claudia, just after blowing out the candles, so beautiful in her diva attitude, and in the second photo, under the gaze of my friend Agustin, I see the twinkle in his eyes, giving this free woman the gift of feeling proud of myself.

9 January 2012