On Notice: Cuban Repressor Dainier Suarez Pagan / Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba

Dainier Suarez Pagan, who has threatened a young woman and her daughter with rape if she does not become an informant for the Castro regime

Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba, 30 January 2017 — To Mr. Suarez Pagan: For six months, since we took the initiative to identify those people who exercise the repression of the Cuban tyranny, your name is repeated more often than any other, associated with the use of methods that stand out for their brutal violence against peaceful citizens.

We have accusations against you that have been issued by your numerous victims and that are validated by photos, videos and medical opinions. However, your more recent act of intimidation intended to recruit as an informant the young woman Liset Maria Santos, from the recently formed Dignity Movement, has exceeded all limits.

You have told her that you released the criminal who raped her when she was 11-years-old, and have given her the choice of informing against her friends or facing the consequences of what this criminal might do to her or even to her daughter. To brag about your total control over the lives of others you tell her that, if she cooperates, you can put the rapist back in prison (he hasn’t served even half of his sentence for that and other crimes) or even kill him.

You believe yourself to be immune for being a part of the national repressive machinery. But you are wrong Mr. Suarez Pagan.

You are a cog in that machine, it is true, but you are inescapably personally responsible for your actions. Even your superiors – if they consider it convenient to their own interests – could take the initiative to prosecute you at any time to distance themselves from your abominable crimes.

You may believe that the current non-violent vocation of the regime’s opponents assures you of a peaceful future. But you are wrong there, too. No one is going to forget or forgive your crimes. For repressors like you there will be no amnesty.

You are personally responsible for any and all of the detestable assaults you have perpetrated against peaceful opponents. Do not forget that. This has happened historically since the trials of the Nazis in Nuremberg. Each person is legally obliged to take individual responsibility for their actions and no one can excuse themselves afterwards with the justification that they “carried out orders from my superiors.”

You told young Liset Maria Santos that it was within your reach that nothing would happen to her or her family. Make it so.

You believe yourself omnipotent because you know where each opponent lives. We also have the facts and reliable proofs of your despicable career.

Know that we are already working to apply various international sanctions and we will do the same with any superior of yours who is implicated in this and other sadistic actions. We are not going to wait for things to change in Cuba. And they will change, Mr. Dainier Suárez Pagán. Keep that in mind.

Liset Maria Santos, from the Dignity Movement, has been threatened with rape if she does not collaborate with the regime