Official Communication: Dengue Fever Confirmed; Angel Santiesteban Released from Hospital

On Saturday the 21st in the afternoon, Angel Santieseteban-Prats was released from the hospital after his diagnosis of dengue fever was confirmed, and he was transferred from Salvador Allende Hospital to the prison facility in Lawton once again.

Just yesterday afternoon, Angel began to feel more strength and has been eating with greater appetite, but he is still greatly weakened by the disease, which, thank God, has passed.

Now no one can lie, and cholera and dengue fever are rampant in Cuba, along with the lack of freedom and repression, but it is still rather striking that in prison facility in Lawton, to our knowledge, Angel is the only one infected, and also that he got sick on the exact day that, in Berlin at the Cervantes Institute, his novel “The Summer God Was Sleeping” was awarded the International Franz Kafka Novels From the Drawer Prize.

We give thanks to God for his recuperation. We feel great happiness and deep emotion knowing he is getting better. We continue to celebrate his greatly deserved prize. But we will not let our guard down for an instant.

Raul Castro Ruz, you and all your minions are directly responsible for what happens to Angel, there are no possible accidents, nor strange viruses, nor relapses, nor any excuses that justify absolutely anything.

The life and integrity of Angel Santiesteban-Prats is the ABSOLUTE RESPONSIBILITY OF RAUL CASTRO AND HIS REGIME.

The Editor

24 September 2013