Obama Drops in on a Game of Dominoes in Havana

Before Obama’s visit he appeared on Cuba’s most popular comedy show, “direct from the White House,” and while he was in Havana, he dropped in, in person.

Miriam Celaya had this to say about the earlier episode:

In fact, the talk in Havana is Barack Obama’s daring appearance in the comedy show with the greatest TV audience in the country, Deja que Yo te Cuente, with Epifanio Pánfilo as its main popular character, played by comedian Luis Silva. No doubt it is the most original way he has conceived to reach every household in Cuba, and Cubans are fascinated with that perspective. The natural and easy way Obama has chosen to mingle with Cubans contrasts stridently with the distant and hardbound historical leaders and their claque. It is known that autocrats not only remain isolated in a world that is unattainable for the ordinary Cuban, but that they also don’t know how to smile.

Here is the pre-trip episode: