No Red Carpet for Obama in Cuba / Fernando Dámaso

President Obama being greeted at the airport in Havana (AP Photo)
President Obama is greeted at the airport in Havana (AP Photo)

Cuban authorities receive every “political whippersnapper” with pomp and circumstance. But not Obama.

Fernando Damaso, 20 March 2016 — In my family they always told me that when someone visited the house, the principal figure should personally receive the visitor, as a show of culture and respect.

It is striking that none of the principal Cuban authorities, who have always received with pomp and circumstance every “political whippersnapper” who has visited the country, have not been present at the airport for the visit of President Obama: no salutes at the foot of the steps, no red carpet, no honor guard, no marching band, no presidential 21 gun salute. It was a manifestation of rudeness and disrespect. Do they think, perhaps, that this is a way to show their “populist friends” in crisis their independence and sovereignty. Crass mistake.

I imagine the media, echoing around the whole world this huge politcal “gaffe.” Is this how they intend to improve relations between the two countries?

It seems that the Cuban crisis is not only political, economic and social, but also one of intelligence. Poor country. Each day change becomes more necessary, if we are really going to save ourselves.