No Doctors, They’re in Venezuela / Judith Muniz Peraza

Cuban doctor working in Venezuela. Reuters.
Cuban doctor working in Venezuela. Reuters.

HAVANA, Cuba, November 13, 2013, Judith Muñiz Peraza / Cuban Network of Community Communicators / On October 23 I went to the Julio Antonio Mella Polyclinic in Guanabacoa, to be seen by the gynecologist. I had been sent by the clinician, Dr. Mandina, as a result of two fibroids that cause abundant bleeding. After waiting more than three hours for my turn, the specialist would not see me, because she said I had to be seen at the Medical Clinic in my area. I returned home with severe pain in my lower abdomen.

The next day, I went to the office she’d directed me to, but I had no luck there, either, because three days ago the doctor who was assigned there had gone on a medical mission to Venezuela. After having no doctor there for several days, they put another doctor there, but she had to leave because her son was sick.

Looking for a solution, I talked to the nurse and she said that the gynecologist had eight offices she didn’t go to and along them was the one I belonged to. She didn’t say why they hadn’t seen me in the polyclinic; meanwhile, I continued to bleed without their being able to operate in the two fibroids that I have.

Judith Muñiz Peraza

Cubanet, 13 November 2013