News / Regina Coyula

Starting this month I will be on  BBC Mundo’s blog about Cuba. I still haven’t seen it, I don’t know what it’s called, but the project interests me because I will share it with Nórido, journalist from the newspaper Trabajadores (Workers); with the author of a blog called Alego33, which I’ve read and which seems excellent to me; and with Leonardo Padura, journalist and novelist who needs no introduction.

In the group, I am the woman, the only one who didn’t study journalism, and the dissident; several people approached me to object to the adjective in the introduction to the blog, but it’s not a lie, I dissent.

I will try to keep up, although this will continue to be the more personal space, a bit ignored lately, it’s true, because I have had work to do, but especially, study. I will also publish in 14ymedio. Not bad for someone at my age.

19 May 2014