National Assembly / Rafael Leon Rodriguez #Cuba

La Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular en sesión
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The regular session of the National Assembly of the Seventh Legislature concluded, in mid-December, without showing any element indicating real changes in the country’s political categories. The ruling oligarchy of the islands continues to reflect their interest, only in matters of the economy. Underachieving the plan’s investment process by 19% and the calls to overcome inertia, superficiality and improvisation ,were the keys to closing statement read by President Raul Castro.

Announcements of a new Labor Code to be put to a referendum next year, the new law relating to the Tax System and the elaboration of a theoretical conceptualization of the so-called Cuban Economic Model, are new for the future 2013. In addition there will be elections next February 3 for delegates to the provincial assemblies and deputies to Parliament in which it is difficult to imagine surprises.

The rest, more of the same.

The  Cuban Democratic Project issued a statement on December 10 last year, 2011, the text of which, in full, except for a little detail regarding the permission to leave the country in the new immigration law, seems tailor-made for the today’s date. This proves the rigid immobility of totalitarian authorities in recognizing the political alternatives of independent civil society and their stubborn refusal to open spaces of transparency and of freedom of among other human rights.

The stated intention of the current leader of the Cuban government, to persist in a well-known course of his own devising, so as to create a sustainable and prosperous socialist society, seems more a chimera than a workable plan. So we approach year 55 of the so-called Revolution, facing a forced renewal of the past, rather than considering just changes toward political pluralism in the present, obviously there will be no future.

December 18 2012