Monthly Report on the Human Rights Situation in Cuba: January 2023 / Cubalex

Cubalex, January 2023 — In January 2023, the human rights situation continued to worsen in Cuba. The two main factors that were most influential were state repression and the inability of authorities to satisfy basic social needs such as supplying electricity, medicine, and food. In a context where it is impossible for Cuban citizens to live a decent life due to the failure of the state to comply with its obligations, the repression is generalized and sustained over time. In addition, the attempts by the Cuban government to advance its relationship with the United States gained media attention.

Among the incidents reported by Cubalex the practices applied by agents of the State stand out. Most of these events reported were in Havana, although they also occurred in Cienfuegos, Pinar del Río, Matanzas and the special municipality of Isle of Youth. Most of these practices are selective and individualized, but on occasion they include entire families. In January, there was an increase in the number of repressive practices such as arbitrary detentions and threats and harassment, not only physical, but also digital.

The complete report is available to read and download here, in Spanish: Report-January-2023-with-Corrections.

Translated by: Silvia Suárez