Mistake / Regina Coyula

My main mistakes of last week, I made on Friday and in unison. The first was to put my head in the hands of a novice — and poorly equipped — hairdresser for a hair cut nearby, because I was already totally fed up with the heat. The second, changing the shade of my hair dye for a darker blonde, but still blonde, because I had to dye all the hair and not just the roots as is my custom. The third thing was to do those two things while ignoring a little sore throat.

Outcome: I have a horrible haircut, the de-colorant left my hair like straw, and I’m fighting an inflamed throat and a cold which I haven’t experienced for a long time. Everything passes, but there’s always a meantime.

To console myself, I leave you with a picture from before the mistake. The mirrors in my house are not covered out of superstition. My current image is completely forgettable.

August 10 2011