Letters from San Jose Prison Part 1 / Wendy Iriepa and Ignacio Estrada

Mayabeque, Cuba.

Hello my name is Nicolás Fernández Leal, I am 56 years of age, I am patient with HIV / AIDS, I am confined in the prison of Maraguaco, San Jose de las Lajas, which is called a Sanatorium by the government but it is actually a prison.

First I would like to let you know that in this place everything is very bad, especially with medicines which they don’t give us at all. Here we are dying. Mentally they are killing us.

The same applies to food, everything here is bad. There is a “re-educator” here named Alayo, who two years ago hit me and kicked me in one ear and now I have problems with the ear which is constantly draining. This hired assassin left me for dead on the floor, he is the greatest abuser here, this is not a sanatorium, but a prison.

I was diagnosed three years ago in a routine examination in Melena del Sur prison, I was transferred to this center and I do not get visits because my mom is 91-years-old and can no longer come, I have nothing here and they do not give me anything, just abuse.

I am writing to you so you will know the situation and can write about this prison where we die, slowly, every day.

January 23 2012