Latest News: At Least Five Dead in Building Collapse in Havana Vieja / Cubanet, Ernesto Garcia Diaz

Site of a previous building collapse in Havana
Site of a previous building collapse in Havana

Cubanet, Ernesto Garcia Diaz, Havana (developing news), 15 July 2015 – At least five people died, according to preliminary reports, in a building collapse early this morning, at an apartment house at 413 Habana Street between Obrapia and Obispo, in Havana Vieja (Old Havana). Neighbors confirmed this to Cubanet, but other sources mentioned 11 deaths.

The intense rains of the previous afternoon destroyed the weak structure of the multi-family building and caused its partial collapse.

Among the dead are presumed two little girls and a teenage girl aged 18. Search and rescue brigades worked from the very early morning hours looking for any survivors who might be trapped in the old building.

While this was going on, family members of the victims and of people injured congregated at the polyclinic at Aguiar and Empedrado Streets. The situation is current very tense with regards to social order.

This information will be updated shortly.