Largarto Verde / Rebeca Monzo

Another story for distant granddaughters

In the small island Largarto Verde, everyone lived happily. They had almost everything, but people wanted more. They longed for it so much and with such strength that one day a handsome man showed up, speaking soft words to the wind that caressed the ears of the islanders. His name was Delfi. Soon he gained the trust and respect of the naïve lagartoverdianos, who had little and poor experience in political matters.

Young Delfi felt secure, admired and feared. Little by little he started gaining control of everything: first the houses, then the businesses, the animals and the money of each and every one of the inhabitants of the island until he gained control of their thoughts. Some noticed this pretty soon and were able to escape; others decided to trust and were trapped in the middle of the greatest inertia while Mrs. Apathy slowly swallowed Largarto Verde.

Time went by and there was nothing left to do. The spell was beginning to crack, but all exits were already closed and Delfi was the only one who could order the gates that communicated with the great oceanic wall that led you to freedom to open.

When everything started, Bighearted Grandma was still very young. She thought that if she stayed she could prevent the evil from expanding or at least she would try to stop it from reaching her family, but it was not like that.

More leaves from the tree of time inexorably fell. The new family and the new friends withered as well. New members were born and some others died without her being able to be at their side and as time went by she was lonely once again.

One day she found an angel and asked to borrow his silken wings so she could fly, and fly, and fly and meet her granddaughters and see her children who lived far, far away next to the stars. When she returned to Lagarto Verde she had to return the wings and now she has been waiting so many years that Delfi, who is now very old and with a lot of ailments, mistakenly leaves the doors from the big wall opened so grandma can get the crystal boat with platinum oars that she hides in her house, go to the blue water and row, row, row until she meets her loved ones again.

Translated by: Alegna Zavatti

March 24 2011