Integrity / Lilianne Ruiz

My friend Victor gave me a lovely poem.

The most important is integrity
even before buying a padlock or
Both facts are important
Integrity is a bridge
that leads to a castle surrounded
by a forest of hawthorns, in custody of
a blasphemous dragon.
In this castle there is a woman who is
very wise
who tries to liberate herself with words.
When it is the woman’s time to talk
everything (the dragon, the forest
of hawthorns, the contaminated
and wild water) everything hesitates
like a virtual game and
through the serenity
integrity settles
in the world leaving a
vote of confidence.
The absence of integrity is
this bridge demolished and
the unsteady voice of someone
who is the reflection of a
The padlock secures the gates
through which some girls might
leap into the emptiness.

16 August 2013