In Serious Condition in Holguin Hospital and Police Don’t Bother to Show Up / CID

Mirta Velasco Toledo found herself in serious condition in a hospital in Holguin after being hit by a stone as a result of street brawl, in front of her house, involving three dangerous and well-known thugs from the area. The incident occurred on Thursday, June 27, at seven in the evening and two hours later the police still had not appeared, despite constant calls from the family.

From the hospital Zusleydis Pérez Velasco, national president of the CID and niece of the victim denounced the lack of police interest:

“If they had been alerted to any kind of opposition activity there would have been a surplus of cars, fuel, police and State Security agents arriving to repress it immediately. But when it is a matter of protecting or defending the population they are not the least bit interested.”

This is one more symptom of the degree of disorder and inefficiency of this regime. All the Castro elite care about is anything they consider a danger to their own security, not the people’s. Meanwhile they use the resources of all Cubans for personal gain, while they continue monopolizing everything to sell it, or for their own use, and they do not care about anything else.”

The incident occurred at No. 14 Playa Girón Street, between  Bay of Pigs 14th street between 24 de Febrero and Avenida las Américas in Holguín.

28 June 2013