I’m Back / Reinaldo Escobar

After a long time without entering my blog (particularly because of technical difficulties with the DesdeCuba portal) I am here only to tell you that I am alive.

My absence has awakened suspicions that it was Yoani who was writing my texts and not the reverse, as was believed on the birth of Generation Y. Others have said that I’m so busy with domestic matters that I don’t have time for anything. Sneering and more sneering. Don’t worry, I can take it.

In these days of technological silence, many things are happening, perhaps the most important being the elections in Venezuela. I would have loved to have had my say here, especially to be mistaken in my hopes, but I say it now: I wish Capriles had won.

April 13th also passed by, a date for which there was a kind of prophecy. As is obvious, nothing happened.

My friend the Cuban photographer Ivan Cañas Boix turned 67 and I couldn’t properly congratulate him, with more hope than nostalgia.

And Yoani’s journey is underway, a topic I resist talking about, out of basic modesty.

Well, friends, the thing is, I’m back.  I’ll return on Monday.

19 April 2013