“I do not believe the version of the government nor of its spokesmen.” Ofelia Acevedo Maura speaks of the death of her husband, Oswaldo Payá

Ofelia Acevedo Maura and Oswaldo Payá in 2010: Source: Along the Malecon.

Ofelia Acevedo Maura speaks about the death of her husband Oswaldo Payá. Transcript/summary from PenultimosDias.com.

I have nothing in writing, only brief information given verbally by an official from Criminal Affairs. Briefly, he told me that the car went out of control because of excessive speed and had hit a tree, and this caused the death of my husband and the boy who was behind him.

I have no obligation to believe this… My husband is very cautious when driving or traveling by car, constantly advising the driver how he should go… I don’t understand how many times the car rolled or anything like that.

What they said to me was not backed up. In addition, they told me the investigation was over. All this was verbal. From the experiences we’ve had and the previous threats we’ve received, both the movement and my family, as I expressed the the major, I doubt what I’ve been told.

I want a transparent investigation, that allows the two living witnesses to speak, they are the people who were beside my husband until the last minute. I’ve asked this of the embassies of Spain and Sweden. I want you to take it to the Spanish government…

that. We have a long experience with lies and defamations from the government with respect to my husband.

The same official told me there were only a tractor driver and a man on a bicycle, who only saw a cloud of dust; he only talked to me of those two witnesses.

No one, much less within Cuba, has the right to confirm what not even the government has given me as an official version of the incident…

I don’t have any photos of the car nor of the place. I haven’t even received his pants or shoes or small video camera that my husband was carrying.

I disavow any statement made by Elizardo Sánchez Santacruz, or any other person about the events…

Ofelia Acevedo Maura

25 July 2012