Hitler, Stalin y Fidel / Angel Santiesteban

Angel Santiesteban-Prats, 14 May 2015 — Like in an old historical museum of the horror of the Cuban Revolution, the visit of the most powerful rulers to Fidel Castro’s lair is expected. It’s like visiting a living mummy, still able to continue to do harm to those who do not coincide with his directives. They have chosen the photographs instead, because they are ashamed of the grimaces and gestures — that come along age — to be seen by the rest of the world.

For some presidents who visit the Cuban archipelago, leaving without a snapshot alongside the old wolf it is like going to Paris and not being photographed at the Eiffel Tower. I understand that in politics and to any human being in general, being photographed with the old jackal means a moral disgrace. I would not portray myself beside Hitler or Stalin nor even next to their wax replicas. Times of dignity are scarce. Some call it diplomacy, however talking on the phone with Antonio Rodiles, we agree that subject is about telling the truth in a decent and settled way.

It is pitiful that suddenly, in an incoherent attitude, the presidents of the European Union behave so far from what they expressed in their speeches at the opening of Cuba-US talks with the United States. I do not think that negotiations with Washington and the European Union materialize, provided that they are willing to “drop their pants and being spanked” by Raul Castro, because any agreement that includes Democracy, meaning, multiple parties, human rights, free and direct elections, and the departure of Castro from power — simple needs of 21st century –Raul will not accept.

Anyway, old communist wolves will draw something out of this political match, especially now that the Venezuelan economy is in chaos and continues its free fall. Therefore they have rowed alongside Russians and Chinese, because if Cuba-US negotiations should not work, as it seems, they will have to take advantage of someone in order to survive, which is already a custom of the Castro tribe.

I remember that phrase from childhood when things seemed dull: “Every man for himself.” We will say the same words when the dictatorship’s tantrum begins. Meanwhile, tickets and showtimes remain the same at the exhibition of the “red mummy”.

Angel Santiesteban-Prats

14 May 2015

Border Patrol Jail, Havana, Cuba

Translated by: Rafael