Forum for Rights and Freedoms Road Map

cropped-forologo1-copy-cop1y2Demands of the Forum for Rights and Freedoms (Road Map)

  • Immediate release and annulment of sentences for all political prisoners (Amnesty Decree)
  • With regards to the Constitution, laws, regulations, procedures and administrative practices: Repeal all articles that violate the United Nations International Covenants on Human Rights. Protect freedoms of expression, association, assembly, movement, conscience, religion, economics and culture. Establish full guarantees for the exercise of these freedoms
  • With regards to the penal code: Eliminate the crime of pre-criminal dangerousness, as well as all regulations that support arbitrary detentions, arrests and harassment.
  • Restore judicial and constitutional guarantees and the right to due process
  • New Law of Association that includes legalization of political parties, independent unions and guarantees for the freedom of association. Trade union rights must take into account the established norms of the International Labor Organization
  • New Communications Media Law that guarantees freedom of expression and the free flow of information
  • New Electoral Law that guarantees free and plural elections. (Restoration of National Sovereignty)

Fundamental Demands for a Political Process

  • Transparency for the Cuban nation
  • Participation of the principal and genuine political actors within the Island and in exile
  • Multilateralism, support from the international community, international organizations and institutions, and in particular those related to the defense of Human Rights and the promotion of Democracy
  • Firm commitment to Human Rights through the ratification and implementation of the United Nations Covenants. Execution and monitoring of legal and legislative changes
  • Implementation of changes in labor relations using the norms of the International Labor Organization
  • Conditionality. We demand concrete and measurable commitments to democratization, using the proposed Road Map, for the advance of the process

We do not accept the mutation of the region to a neo-Castroism, we accept only a full democratic transition: with political pluralism, an independent judiciary, freedom and human rights.

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