For a Diet Without Excess / Jorge Ortega Celaya

The planet has become a place of obesity; now more than ever before, the elements combine to allow people to store excess pounds in the form of adipose tissue. The convenience of junk food, the tendency to remain at home to distract ourselves — either in front of the computer screen or the television — and even the shortage of pleasant and desirable areas for physical activities in some of the big cities are just some of the reasons why ever more people resign themselves to a look that really is not that satisfying.

Now, someone could question me about my knowledge that many delicacies of haute cuisine, while they do not include ingredients as harmful to health as fast food, they do have a high calorie count and, ultimately, they will also lead to abdominal fat.

In fact, the pleasures of a gourmet experience is so intense that many prefer to declare themselves fat, as they could not give up their steak with mashed potatoes and butter and your piece of rich cake.

If I were to suggest to people to forsake the pleasures of good food, it would be contrary to the reason for my profession. Precisely because of the worship of good food, I defend the idea of not giving it up. Most people visit a restaurant no more than once a week.

So … are you going to blame your weekend pizza for your discomfort with the scale or all of their daily intake of sausages in tomato sauce with white rice and pots of ice cream, fried foods and cheap candy?

Do not feel guilty for pampering your palate from time to time, only reflect whether it’s not better for you to change your bad eating habits rather than forgo the exquisite sensations of an occasional meal.

Again mathematics help us, if you have five daily meals (including snacks of course), it would add up to thirty-five meals a week, if one of these is in your favorite restaurant, what weighs more? A copious dinner in style or thirty-four sinful excesses of carbohydrates in unnecessary snacks and rice?

People who pay attention to their health, for example diabetics who seek to remain stable and know the food they consume need to be compensated for, or those with a heart ailment, are informed about what they must do and not do, what activities and foods to avoid. So if you know you have a tendency to obesity, or already are obese, why turn your back on this reality? Would it solve our problems to feel bad about ourselves in the mirror? Learn from those with ailments such as those mentioned above who yet maintain a responsible attitude to their health care with a proper diet. Don’t look for something to blame and get started in learning about nutrition and physical exercise. When you feel the health benefits of these habits and note how it reduces your waist, you will be ready to enjoy a Sunday with your favorite pasta washed down with a nice Chianti.

16 April 2012