Faces Against Audacity / El Sexto – Danilo Maldonado Machado

At the end of December, at 8:30 at night, I was assaulted in public by State Security agent Volodia, along with another agent whose name I don’t know, at 26th Street and Zapata. They asked me to take off the T-shirt I was wearing with an image of Laura Pollán. Faced with my refusal, both of them tore it off me, ripping it.

After the abuse I decided to tattoo Laura on my chest and, after Wilman Villar Mendoza met his death on the night of the 18th, I decided to tattoo his face on me, as well as that of Zapata Tamayo, other victims of this dictatorial system, that lets inhabited buildings collapse and prefers to spend money intensifying their power, and thus contributes to the loss of innocent lives. From now on, they’ll have to rip off my skin.