December 10 in the Cuban Key of Castro / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

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Requiem for the 10th of December

When democracy comes to Cuba tomorrow in 56 years — it will come in spite of the international left — when the men and women of my country regain the life in truth that the dictatorship reduced to the filthy game of socialism, when the Castro regime is finally an era in the past and its perpetrators have been condemned to never again enthrone Communism on the Island (which will include not only the division of powers under the rule of law, but the prohibition of anti-democratic parties), then December 10 will be a date of sad remembering for my contemporaries.

This day, for generations and generations, will also be the day of the supreme impunity of the Council of State: an exercise in the color of silence that applauds or assassinates without consequences, that fights Ebola in Africa while incubating the virus of violence at home, that creates scenarios in favor or against according to the convenience of its dismal theater.

On this day the Castro regime’s hatred of Cubans will not be forgotten, nor will our historic humiliation under the love of our masters: a day that opens the heart to the necessary reconciliation still will not be easy.

Tenths of December hurt, far beyond the double funeral that is coming, with no one and for the good of no one. Tenths of December know nothing of the notion of forgetting: there is no victim that is not waiting for his victimizer if, at some time, we are to live in truth. The Cuban fight against the Castro regime is the fight of memory against memory.

10 December 2014