Cubans on the Borders / Fernando Dámaso

Cubans are once again crowded along the border between Costa Rica and Panama. the Cuban government, as usual, blames it in the “Cuban Adjustment Act” and ignores, as always, the real causes: Cubans don’t believe in the promised “prosperous, sustainable and irrevocable socialism” and, even less, in their old political leaders.

The political, economic and social situation, instead of improving, has continued to deteriorate, without the appearance of any intelligent measures that could turn it around. Everything goes back to words, slogans, recycled speeches and empty promises, by the same “historicals” responsible for the current crisis and their national and international spokespeople.

None of this interests ordinary Cubans, who emigrate seeking the realization of their life plans.

If President Obama’s proposals awoke some hopes, the dogmatic and senile responses of the Cuban authorities, which were sometimes even disrespectful, managed to quickly squelch them. It is clear to everyone that, with these “characters who are rancorous and hateful” by nature, there is nothing to be done, other than to wait for them to physically disappear according to life’s inexorable laws.

It’s just that many citizens are not willing to continue to wait and lose time, and they decide to emigrate now. They are as Cuban as those of us who stay, but somewhat less patient and, of course, expecting nothing after the failure of the 7th Party Congress with the appearance of “the shadow of the past” [Fidel Castro] in the new role of Señor “Bossypants.”