Cuban Women: Three Cases to Think About / Luis Felipe Rojas

I made this documentary some time ago, and had to film it with one small photographic camera that I had at the time.

If you follow the film to the end you will see pieces of the lives of three women in eastern Cuba.

I wanted to get into the homes of these women who still live in the countryside and do not have the benefits of country life with nearby river water and the mountain breezes. They live in a dark corner of the province. In no man’s land.

Clearly this is not a total image of Cuban women, I wouldn’t dare to try that because I couldn’t do so much.

It just interests me to show what that amateur documentary maker has been able to do with a workforce of only two, my wife Exilda and me… because although you may not believe it, we too have “rearranged our workforce” and “reduced the payroll.”

I hope the vision of these women sparks some opinion in you, because this is the reason for the “Barbed Wire.”

June 30 2011