Cuban Government Prepares To Get Doctors Out Of Venezuela / Cubanet

About 35 thousand Cubans 'collaborate' in Venezuela (photo taken from Internet)
About 35 thousand Cubans ‘collaborate’ in Venezuela (photo taken from Internet)

cubanet square logoCubanet, Miami, 4 December 2015 – Just two days before the National Assembly elections in Venezuela, Cuban State Security and the Venezuelan National Guard are maintaining strict surveillance over the more than 30,000 Cuban health, sports and other professionals collaborating there. This information was provided to CubaNet, on condition of anonymity, by a member of the mission.

“We have spent more than 15 days ‘confined to quarters’ by State Security, which has been infiltrated among us. They have provided a plan to get us out of the country. We would leave by land or sea, if the opposition defeats the Chavista block in the legislature,” said the source.

“There is a contingency plan which was discussed in meetings held over 15 days ago. We would travel by land through the states of Brazil and Colombia. Everything is kept very low profile. We are aware and informed. We have the essentials in a backpack, we are ready to leave Venezuela,” he adds.

According to the source, the Cuban collaborators cannot leave their houses until after the elections. “They have provided food so that we don’t leave the buildings. We have suspended work activities. We are permanently monitored. Special forces are being infiltrated from Cuba, they say it is for our protection. Things are tense,” he concludes.

On Sunday, Venezuela will go to the polls to fill the 167 seats in the National Assembly. Cuba has about 40,000 doctors, dentists and health technicians serving in 66 countries. Most of the collaborators, about 35,000 have been in this South American country since the end of 2013.