Contrasts / Ernesto Hernandez Busto

El cocinero, a private restaurant in Havana
El cocinero, a private restaurant in Havana

There are contrasts that make one think. While Eliecer Avila convokes an opposition movement “We are more,” from the island Wendy Guerra offers us this culinary chronicle about the restaurant “El cocinero” – The Cook. The story begins like this: “A few months ago Camila and Rafa, two young people, with the help of their parents and friends, rented a symbolic space in the Havana neighborhood of El Vedado, a former cooking oil factory”… As Yoani Sanchez does not appear here as part of the action, it doesn’t occur to anyone to ask where the money came from. But it would be a good question: Camila is the daughter of the painter Nelson Dominguez and of a professional urologist who for some time hasn’t practiced her profession. The place Wendy refers to, of course, is not just any house rented for a private restaurant, but in any event, viva capitalism and may good restaurants in Havana flourish… My point: it’s impossible not to see a certain disconnect between the discourse of the dissidents and this other reality of an elite with money and new businesses that thrive, little by little, on the island.

Eliecer Avila introducing a new opposition movement: “Somos más” in a video from Poland

By Ernesto Hernandez Busto


28 March 2013