“We cannot wait for the Castros to die” / Ladies in White, Berta Soler

20130502_MUNDIALES_BERTHASOLER_TCR_3.JPGFrom Pieces of the Island: After Berta Soler’s emotional trip to Miami- the heart of the Cuban exile- she has continued to take the Cuban reality to other places with many exiles, such as New Jersey and now, Puerto Rico.  The following is my translation of a piece by Mario Alegre Barrios, published in one of Puerto Rico’s most famous newspapers, “El Nuevo Dia”.  It is a must-read interview with Soler:

Berta Soler, president of the Ladies in White, says that a social explosion in Cuba is imminent

By Mario Alegre Barrios / malegre@elnuevodia.com

When we said goodbye to each other two years ago, in Havana, neither of us thought that we would see each other again.  At least I didn’t.

I was wrong.

The face of Berta Soler- cofounder and president of Cuba’s Ladies in White- now has another Light: her stare shines and draws a white smile which contrasts that solemn expression we met at the home of Laura Pollan, the headquarters of this group which, for the last decade, has been one of the fundamental fronts of resistance against the regime of Fidel and Raul Castro.

Visiting Puerto Rico since last Wednesday, today Berta continues the trip she started nearly two months ago and which led her- along with two other Ladies in White- to Brussels to receive the Andrei Sakharov Award which was given to the women by the European Parliament in 2005, acknowledging their struggle for human rights.

In the same way she gave that chat in the summer of 2011, Berta speaks in torrents, as if time was running out to speak about the reality of her country which has been under the longest dictatorship in the world (for more than half a century).

Read the rest of the interview here, at Pieces of the Island.

7 May 2013

Berta Soler, Ladies in White leader, will travel to Spain on March 11

bertapress-1The Ladies in White spokeswoman will meet with political and social sectors “to explain the current Cuban reality.”

DDC.- Berta Soler, the leader of the Ladies in White, will travel to Spain this coming March 11, on her first trip abroad, according to sources from the exile.

Soler, who recently received her passport, has been invited by the Ladies in White Association (ADB) with headquarters in Madrid.

Once in Spain, she anticipated meeting with representatives from political and social sectors “to explain the current Cuban reality,” the ADB said.

Soler has led the Ladies in White since 2011, after the death of Laura Pollán.

20 February 2013

Cuban Exiles in Spain Support Yoani Sanchez

Yoani Sanchez speaking in Brazil

Full Text of the Statement of the Cuban Liberal Union

Cuban Liberal Union

Madrid, February 21, 2013

Cuba, for all Cubans in response to the controversy sparked by Yoani Sánchez’s recent statements on the waste of government resources in the media campaign on the Wasp Case [the case of the 5 Cuban spies in the U.S], given the moral stature and importance of this remarkable compatriot, the Cuban Liberal Union will reiterates its support and states:

First, we respect the right of all Cubans and to think freely.

Second, the irony of her recent statements, taken out of context by the press, and far from supporting any government position, did not escape us.

Third, it is healthy, beneficial and even necessary for the Cuban people to air all opinions in a climate of respect.

Fourth, it is worth remembering that she, as a journalist, imparts her views on a blog, and everyone has the right to disagree with any of them, without this meaning that we reject the person or that we doubt her good intentions.

Fifth, we celebrate and emphasize what unites us, and what is clear is that we are solidly in agreement based on the indispensable requirement for the immediate restoration of popular sovereignty, with all fundamental freedoms for the Cuban people and the end to the regime totalitarian oppresses them.

Dr. Antonio Guedes

Translated from the Laura Pollan Ladies in White website.