Broken Tooth / Regina Coyula

Surely you no longer remember my Toothache from last year. It seemed that it was over with the anecdote, but like a soap opera, to keep the viewer they pulled a rabbits out of a hat, I’ve got… a piece of filling with its corresponding fragment of a molar. Yes, in the same tooth declared healthy, which bit the stone, which came in the bread, that I bought for ten pesos, that… I clean my beak to go to the wedding of my Uncle Perico.

Nice moment, that of eating lunch, and feel a wasp sting me in the gum, run to the bathroom and “island” dental floss (a plastic bag) I try to clean out what I thought was a piece of bone in chicken and rice.

That was three months ago. Good thing I didn’t rush to write about it. I went to the dentist for emergencies, they put a band-aid on it and gave me an appointment four days later. They filled it, I took advantage and had a check up and everything was fine, they scheduled me for a cleaning, and with that I was discharged.

Two days after the cleaning I lost the new filling. Back to the dentist for an appointment, an appointment I had to reschedule, because at the first opportunity, when I got to the clinic they weren’t providing services because they were cleaning the cistern. At the second try, the dentist drilled it out, filled it directly, which left me with a weak tooth but she told me was less likely the filling would fall out again.

The broken tooth and all the rest, just for the price of a loaf of bread. Good grief! The huge amount of money it costs to be poor.

February 18 2013