Bad Handwriting in La Joven Cuba (10) / Regina Coyula

The problem with Cuba

For Robert Perales

You shouldn’t worry too much about how people who probably are interested hypothetically speculate about the “problem of Cuba.” To cite global warming as a solution doesn’t turn out to be an irony you have taken very seriously. Of cyclones and an epidemic, though I don’t know the context and the tone in which it was said, I see it as a serious warning of how fragile we are before events of these kind.

You’re beating around the bush. The problem with Cuba will not be solved by outbursts from politicians, nor by students from Madrid or Miami. The problem of Cuban is that no one noticed that it could be disappearing beneath the marabou weed; is that despite having lost the Soviet subsidies twenty years ago, the Cuban economy has not given convincing signs of efficiency; it’s that the sugar industry has been dismantled rather than converted or made efficient.

According to what I see, though on TV they tell other stories, the CIA isn’t the one that fed it a poison pill, nor sprayed the aerosol of dissatisfaction. Ask yourself if those kids in your university who don’t complete their studies so they can leave, or those who don’t return from a scholarship abroad, ask about the low productivity in the workplace, or about corruption. These topics I point our are only some of those that make up the real problem with Cuba.

April 25 2011