Arrests / Regina Coyula

On Thursday, listening to the news, I hear that the police brutality lawsuit filed by the Occupy Wall Street movement against NYPD had been come out in favor of the indignant. Despite how badly everything seems to work in the United States according to Cuban radio, television and the press, sometimes I have glimpses of legislative power acting independently, glimpses that I don’t have in our own national legal system. The same day I heard that news, numerous arrests of members of civil society fulfilled the not so veiled threats contained in the note from MINREX (Ministry of Foreign Relations) from the week before last.

Our rulers forgot the path of their youthful ideals, when they believed in beauty and goodness and with moral superiority confronted the henchmen. I look with concern on their message that they want to make it clear that there will be no opening, no space for a peaceful opposition. They, who overthrew Batista by force of arms, fear ideas, words. Our poor country, tumbling to nowhere.

November 12 2012