An Unwanted Office That Should Never Have Been (II) / Mario Leonart

In January 2010 the Office used its networks and spokespeople to interfere with my transfer as a pastor in Taguayabon to the Baptist church in Bejucal, then in Havana province, now Mayabeque Province.

According to the spokesman whom they used to communicate with Pastor Ivan Elio García Muñoz who invited me in support of this congregation to be his assistant pastor: “In Taguayabon you have been tolerated, but you will not be in Bejucal.” Which constituted a threat and intimidation to the free exercise of religious freedom in Bejucal Baptist Church.

Given this constraint I myself addressed a thank you letter to that church for considering me but I responded that I given the threats referred to I refused his invitation to avoid pressures announced.

17 May 2013