An Unwanted Office That Never Should Have Been (III) / Mario Leonart

Since 2007 my wife and I Yoaxis Marcheco have also been serving as assistant professors at the Luis Manuel González Peña Baptist Theological Seminary of the Trinity Baptist church in the city of Santa Clara.

The magnanimous Office also opposes this, and not just from what has been disclosed verbally, but has also been made evident for months through the freezing of the bank account as client No. 287 in the International Financial Bank (BFI). It is the foreign currency account with about 27,000 USD which remain inaccessible under Account No. 030000000028738.

Of course, here the political sanctions are also shared with Rev. Homer Carbonell, rector of the seminary, who was also, for over twenty years, pastor of this church, and with his family who share his ministries; historically they have also been objects of pressures that are now demanding that the Rev. Homer retire on October 31, 2011 through their “Open Letter to those who love our Lord Jesus Christ.” Now with the upcoming Congress of the General Assembly of the Latin American Council of Churches (CLAI) this month in Cuba and in an huge hypocritical harangue the account suddenly gets frozen, it seems to be a joke for the CLAI, but they already warned that it would be operative for eight months. Could they admit to such nerve?

18 May 2013