Al Qaeda Coffee / Rebeca Monzo

Since returning to my planet, I’ve found, among other things, the distribution of the new coffee, as well as the great number of comments that it has provoked. I wrote a post about it several days ago.

The concerns continue to rise (just like the prices of all products). Many people have exploded their coffee makers, because it seems that the substitute with which they make up the weight of the bag, blocks up the coffee pot. The situation has gotten to the point where the newspaper Granma was forced to publish a note saying how you have to brew this coffee. The truth is that popular ingenuity in action once again has re-baptized this product as Al Qaeda Coffee, because it blows up the coffee pots.

But everyone’s greatest worry is not knowing what kind of product they’re using in the mix, as already many people are allergic to certain grains. This is not just a lack of respect and ethics, it’s also very dangerous not to say on the package what kind of ingredient they’re using as a substitute.

We hope the authorities will take these factors into account and not continue to play with the health of the population. If it’s café or cafú, we still don’t know, but I would ask those who invented it: Do you drink it?

May 27 2011