Agents Arrest Promoters of Citizen Demand For Another Cuba / For Another Cuba

Cuban police violently arrested three regime opponents in the Havana municipality of Marianao on Thursday August 16, while they were handing out copies of the Citizen Demand For Another Cuba, according to the digital newspaper Cubaencuentro.

Citizens Diosbel Suárez, Idalberto Acuña and Santiago Cardoso, members of the Patriotic Union of Cuba, were beaten and pepper sprayed in the place where they were promoting the text of the Demand, and were taken to the Sixth Station of the National Police.

“They even repressed people who were filming the event or reading the Demand,” Antonio G. Rodiles told the digital newspaper Diario de Cuba; Rodiles is the coordinator of the Estado de Sats project and one of the promoters of the Demand.

The Demand, delivered in June to the National Assembly of People’s Power, calls for the ratification, by the Cuban government, of the international pacts signed at the UN in 2008 and the implementation of the “legal and political guarantees” of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

23 August 2012