Against the Changes / Fernando Damaso

Fernando Damaso, 1 January 2016 — The Cuban authorities and their organizations inserted into civil society, have launched a fierce media campaign against the politicians elected by the majority of their citizens to hold public office both in Argentina and in Venezuela: in the first case, the presidency of the country, and in the second a majority in the National Assembly.

Reading and hearing the statements, it seems that the Argentinians and Venezuelans have mistakenly given their votes to criminals, traitors, mercenaries, and other anti-socials, denying those votes to the “good and self-sacrificing Kerchnerists and Chavistas,” the “eternal patriots” of their respective countries.

There is nothing new here, despite all the carrying on by those who cannot lose gracefully. We recall that, contrary to the will of the majority of Puerto Ricans, both the Cuban authorities and their related organizations called for the “independence” of Puerto Rico, although only 4% of the population showed an interest in this while 96% rejected it. Things of primitive fanaticism!

Nor do they cease to express their support for an expansionist Russia, the Syrian dictatorship, the Columbia drug traffickers, and all those who speak ill of the West or act against it.

Now they ask for support for Chavism in Venezuela, talking about external interference, while President Maduro invents new tricks to remain in power. It seems that the seven million votes achieved by the opposition came from outside the country, and were not deposited in the ballot boxes by Venezuelans.

There is also talk of a strange union between the Chavistas and the civic-military forces to confront the new National Assembly. “Something is rotten in Denmark,” as Hamlet would say.

Nor is the Argentinean president immune to the populist-leftist onslaught.

Always from the side of the anti-democrats, totalitarians, populists, demagogues, and the extreme left, despite “the many blows life has handed them.”